Fall family mini session {Twinsburg family photos}

I had the great pleasure of taking fall photos for Jenny and Chris! My fall family sessions were not without drama right from the start (I’ll blog about that later) but my clients are all so awesome they just rolled with it. I worked with Jenny and her family earlier this summer. She told me they had NEVER had family photos taken!  Lucky for me, they liked me (they really liked me, heh) and booked a fall session as soon as my fall mini session sale was open. ::if you want to be in the know about sales, head over to Facebook, LIKE and FOLLOW wendy b photos::

Working with little Wally and Greydon is always fun– little boys, what can I say, you know? We built a little leaf pile and G jumped and threw leaves and had a blast.JCRFall-37wm

Wally… not so much. Absolutely hated the leaves so we dusted him off and put him on a soft blanket and life was good again.JCRFall-29wmWe were getting ready to pack up and head out. The sun was getting low and then it was magic. The Golden Hour you hear about… if you hang around photogs or read our blogs!  That incredible part of the day where the sun is just above the horizon line and everything is warm. I turned around and said, “WAIT please! I need to take your photos, it’s not even a ‘want to’ situation; I MUST photograph you more!” and….

JCRFall-1wmHello, sun rays wrapping right around this family. Hello gorgeous sun flare spot making a tiny little rainbow, hello perfect light hitting Jenny’s hair… If it wouldn’t have been totally unprofessional, I would have wept with joy right there. How gorgeous are they? Total perfection.

Thank you x 100000 Jenny and Chris, for trusting me (twice!) with your precious family ❤



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