Baby R {Erie, PA newborn photographer}

The Monday before Thanksgiving, I got word that one of my expectant moms in Erie had her baby!! I was heading back home for dinner with my family in North East, so we set up to shoot on Black Friday. Little Raylan was a bit fussy when I got there, so his mommy Donna took a few minutes to feed/ top off the tank and soothe. I have no problem photographing an awake newborn, but a crying or uncomfortable one is a different story. I schedule 2 hours for a newborn session, but can take up to four if need be. This was going to be a session where the baby is posed which can take a longer time, but once he settled, we were good to go! His aunt made him the little turkey hat– so cute!
I got a good number of photos…
… before he woke up again! Babies man, unpredictable. I got to give him some cuddles and snuggle him down again. He was sleepy but not asleep; I got this super cute yawn and oh mah geez, love it

Thank you, Donna for the morning of sweet baby snuggles ::puffy heart::

other vendor information:
fox hat, cheesecloth wraps in pumpkin and honeydew: Red Owl Photo Props
owl hat: M Roche Crochet

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