Your kid does what, now?

Now and then, a parent will tell me about a quirk their child has. “He makes this really strange face when he smiles,” “She gets really shy,” “He is really, really silly,” I understand they may feel nervous about having paid for photos and I do my best to assure them that these things are 100% OK. Plus, it’s sooo nothing new :*) My kids may or may not suffer from “Photographer’s Kid Syndrome”. They’re really good about sitting and being my little models most of the time, but sometimes….

mylife-3wmsometimes we just need to blow off steam and be silly. It’s also nice for me to remember that I can use my camera for fun, not just for work! Also, see that cross-eyed babe in the top… oh yea. That’s me! Bringing professionalism to a whole ‘notha level 😉

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