You know how I love a challenge

#Iheartfaces AKA I Heart Faces is having their “Best Face of 2014” challenge. I love to enter these! I even won a Top Ten Honor in their B&W Challenge with a photo I took of my daughter, L! My photos have been chosen for “inspiring newborn photography”  as well as “inspiring maternity photos” and “Inspiring Grandparent photos” which is so freaking awesome, it still makes me tear up a bit! Lord knows I love a sweet #newborn session and a gentle #maternity session but it’s nice to see others like them, too 🙂

For this challenge, I thought I might use this photo of my other daughter M, blowing dandelions. I love the movement, her cheeks puffed out, the seedlings floating along and the sun through the trees. She was just having a little fun on a walk through our neighborhood and I love it.


Forgive this posting twice to your feed! I wanted to make sure I got this on my blog too! hashtag-clogginyournewsfeed

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