fall mini catch-up

Leanne and the boys = best time ever. I’ve photographed Leanne, Dan and their kids a couple times now and each time it’s been a freaking riot. And so full of awesome professionalism….

wendy + leanne = ❤ haha


This year, my fall mini location was ripped out (literally) after the first week of sessions but I knew I wanted to take Leanne down to a new place for a change of scenery. I know I talk about how much I love getting to hang with my clients (friends?) but for serious. People like Leanne and Dan make it so easy. For instance, I was walking everyone back through the woods, off the beaten path. There were a couple other people a few yards ahead of us and Dan says loudly to me, “Hey Wendy, what are the ropes and tape in your bag for?” Such a charmer! :*)

Look how precious those boys are! Man… love it. Also, sure could go for some sweater-weather… wearing 14 layers is old already. How many days until next fall?




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