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Jackie and Greg’s fall family #TBT

Jackie and Greg, oh Jackie and Greg. I shot family photos for them in the fall of 2013 and had so much fun. We did some extended family photos with some of my other favorites Leanne and Dan.  I know I say that often, but the best part about my job is how *fun* it really is. Jackie and Greg must have enjoyed their time with me, too because I was asked to take their daughter’s 1st birthday photos and to take fall photos in 2014 for them as well. I’ll showcase their other sessions in future #TBT posts! You don’t want to miss them.

Andplusalso, I get to do a fun mini session for Maddie’s 2nd birthday ❤ (psst see her post HERE )

Our most recent fall family session was so full of awesome. We shot at a covered bridge, nearly killed ourselves on these giant nut-things all over the ground, and laughed till we cried when Maddie had a little diaper accident… all over Greg.  I went a little crazy photo overloading, but I could not just pick four or five to share.

Things started off great!
Things started off great!

Maddie loves her cousins and her momma!

Ah, hey there, Greg what’s going on?…. Oh yea, yep. That’s pee :*)

A quick clean up though and we were on our way. Side note, trying to hold a camera steady while you’re laughing so hard you have tears streaming down your face is NOT EASY.

Alls well that ends well!
Alls well that ends well!

I take a limited number of fall family mini sessions every year- so be sure you LIKE and FOLLOW wendy b photos on Facebook so that you can keep up to date with all sale announcements!

Don’t want to wait for a sale? Email me today at to set up your family session.

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Welcome, Aubrey {Cuyahoga Falls Newborn photography}

Sweet little Aubrey. Aubrey was born just days before I had to leave for a weekend trip, but as soon as I got back I headed down to Cuyahoga Falls to meet this sweet little love. Aubrey’s aunties Patti and Jen gifted Momma Sarah a gift certificate for a newborn session! Isn’t that so sweet? I had worked with Sarah and her family previously (as well as Patti and Jen) and I was so happy to reconnect. Aubrey was another baby who was wiiiiide awake! There were lots of cuddles and geeeennnntttlyyy and slooooowllllyyy putting her into positions.


We headed up to her *gorgeous* lavender and grey room for a couple more photos…Aubrey2wm

and called it a good day!

Have you ever given a photography gift certificate? You can! You could give someone a gift of photos if you know they haven’t had any taken in years (or if they keep getting those repetitive Big Box store pictures). A gift card is great for someone expecting a new baby, a child’s 1st birthday, a newborn, anything you’d like.

If you would like to give someone you love the gift of professional, personal photography send me an email. I would *love* to work with you (and them)!

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Baby E’s newborn photos {Olmsted Falls newborn photography}

It’s been a bit of a baby blow out around here! Remember Julie and her maternity session? Well, shortly after Little Baby E decided it was time to make his grand entrance. He was a tiny bit early, but just fine! And crazy adorable to boot. Julie and Jeff kept his name under wraps until he was born, so let me introduce to you (if you’ve not been lucky enough to meet him already) Emmett Samuel ❤


I love love LOVE newborn sessions and Emmett was so easy to work with! He was eight days old which was *perfect* He was wide eyed and awake for the first part of our session and I was telling Julie what a nice change it was to have such an alert baby! I love me some sleepy newborns but it’s also so cool to see them trying to take it all in.


I was really glad to get that family of four shot- it took some sneakiness to get big brother Carson to smile and laugh for me; thank you Jeff and Erica for playing catch with Carson’s lovey! We did get Emmett to crash out eventually


Good gravy, I just love these. If I hadn’t had to pick up my own kids from school, I would have stayed up at Jeff and Julie’s house :*) I love how we were able to mix some lifestyle photos with some posed baby photos and they all look so incredible (if I do say so myself, thank you very much). I can’t say enough good things- I usually include about 100- 125 newborn photos in a gallery. There were over 200 in Emmett’s because I COULD NOT STOP. I mean, he even did tummy time for me!

I can’t thank Julie and Jeff enough for allowing me into their home again to spend such a wonderful morning with their newest little fella. It was an absolute pleasure. TTFN, ta ta for now sweet little Emmett! I hope I get to see more of your family!



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Studio addition!

A long while back, I posted to my Facebook page that I had found a backdrop that I super mega loved. Then, at Christmas time, a large roll showed up at my home!  My mother in law had gotten it for me as a gift (yaay!)  When I got it set up, I begged/asked one of my girls to sit so I could take a couple pictures. She agreed, but only if I let her have her blankie with her. Molly-woodland-drop-8wm Molly-woodland-drop-2wm


I can see so many sessions with it. Milestone minis, first birthday cake smashes, newborns, holiday minis... oh so love it. Want to use it in your session? Just ask! Even if you want to shoot in your home, I can bring my drop and stand with me 😀 Send me a line and let’s set it up! I’m booking for March and beyond right now!

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Star burst street lamp

At Christmas time, I showed you how to create a star-burst effect with your tree lights. The neighborhood I live in is lined with street lamps and every night I want to photograph them! If you’re in Northeastern Ohio, you know it’s been *really* cold. Really cold + expensive electronics = OH NOZ!

A few nights ago, I got sick of waiting out winter and decided to set up my tripod, camera and remote shutter right in my foyer and shoot through my storm door. I can see two lamps really well, but this spring/ summer, I’m going to head out on to the sidewalk and get more of the neighborhood 🙂

Look how cool these star-bursts are!

twinkle-lamps-3wm twinkle-lamps-2wm twinkle-lamps-1wm

Super love that. Have you tried to create any star bursts? If you need directions, you can find them HERE 😀