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ERIE, PA– I’m comin’ atcha!!

ERIE, PA Session info


July 25th and 26th. Session is $125, includes 5 high resolution digital photos on a disk with a print release. Additional photos may be added for $3 each. Prints and other merchandise can be purchased a la carte from your private, online gallery. Sessions will be 35 minutes in length; no more than five people per session.

Time slots are going  FAST so email TODAY to lock in your space. Morning sessions can be added JULY 26TH ONLY.

*no print purchase from wendy b photos necessary* 


July 25th, Fisherman’s Beach. North East, PA



7:pm– BOOKED 


July 26th, Fisherman’s Beach. North East, PA



7:pm– BOOKED


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Kamlyn’s Newborn session {Macedonia newborn photographer}

Wow. That’s what I kept saying to myself after I left Melanie and Frank’s home after little Kamlyn’s newborn session.


I spent about two and a half hours there with them, and sweet lady K was awake *the entire time*. I’ve never, ever had that happen!  We tried a little soothing, topped off the tank, and Kamlyn was having none of it. Sister had a lot of new things to see! It was incredible. Melanie and Frank have a great big window and Kamlyn was *obsessed* with it. No matter where I put her, how we wrapped her- her eyes went straight for that gorgeous window light. It was a completely different kind of session for me, and I’m so happy with how her photos feel- warm, soft, alive.

Seriously, those eyes! I love love love when a baby is awake- a couple times it’s happened that the baby was awake for maybe 10 or 15 minutes of our session, but truly never have I had one awake and alert for well over two hours! Kamlyn was so full of expressions- and she was only 7 days old!

I know this is such a super over-share, but it cannot be helped. I mean. Honestly. Look at that face! KGK-88wm

At the very end, she cuddled into Momma and I got my favorite MommyBaby shot:

Thank you so much, Melanie and Frank for letting me take a peek into your lives with your sweet little girl. Thank you for bringing Kierstin and Kenadie over to the studio, thank you for being so great to work with.

And thank you, Molly K. for thinking of me when it came time for a shower gift. This newborn session was given as a gift via gift certificate ❤ If you’d like to purchase a gift certificate for someone, either in whole or in part, just send me an email:

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Colin’s 6m milestone {Erie, PA baby photographer}

You’re going to see a lot of this little bubba! This is my nephew Colin. I just realized I never posted his newborn session, so keep an eye out for that on an upcoming #TBT. I went out to my sister’s house in Erie, PA for the first part of our session. I got our little set-up put together and Miss Georgia Bo came to make sure her brother would be safe:

Strict set inspector
Strict set inspector

One the set was deemed safe, I put Colin in! At six months, most babies aren’t sitting independently very well yet, so I like to use a little basket to hold the baby (with mom or dad supporting the back side of the basket). I took one of my favorite photos to date of Baby Boy:


colin-6m-collage-2wmGah, so stinking cute.  I really wanted to get a few different things, so while my family was here over Easter, I snapped away.



Colin had just gotten some lunch 😀 We headed into the studio (which doubles as my guest room, use whatcha got!)

Colin loves being naked, putting things in his mouth, and his feet!


::nom:: I have this in one of his little photo collections, but I think it deserves its own spot!Colin-6m-81wm

He’s getting so big so fast. Milestone mini sessions are only $100 here in my home studio, and it’s so easy to fit them in. Babies grow and change so fast, and sure we can take 220,000 cell phone photos but milestone minis are keepsakes that you can print and display for years.

Give me an email and let’s get your milestone on the books!

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Maddie is 2!

Maddie and her family are just ❤ love. I’ve been photographing them for almost two years now and I tell ya, I look forward to every minute with them. We started off in my home studio space and got some really sweet shots…

And then MaddieCakes remembered she was two years old and she was o.v.e.r  i.t. No biggie! We rescheduled and I headed down to Jackie and Greg’s home (yes, I absolutely will come to you!). At first, Maddie wasn’t so sure this was a good idea. She seemed hip to this game.


But we took her outside and she cheered up on her own turf:

I knew Maddie was a big Sophia the First fan, so I asked Jackie and Greg if we could put her in her Sophia dress. And it was magic. She read us stories, played with stickers…

M2-42wm M2-46wm

And then the violence broke out and it was mayhem. Ok, not really. Jackie bonked Greg on the head a few (hundred) times with a book aaaaand MaddieCakes lost her mind:


Maddie was laughing so hard, she was snorting. It was great 😀
The 15m-28m age can be difficult. A toddlers favorite word is often times, “NO!” or in Mad’s case, “NO WAY!” but with a little patience and creativity from all of us grown ups, some really great times and photographs can be had.
As always, thank you to Jackie and Greg for all the love!