Maddie is 2!

Maddie and her family are just ❤ love. I’ve been photographing them for almost two years now and I tell ya, I look forward to every minute with them. We started off in my home studio space and got some really sweet shots…

And then MaddieCakes remembered she was two years old and she was o.v.e.r  i.t. No biggie! We rescheduled and I headed down to Jackie and Greg’s home (yes, I absolutely will come to you!). At first, Maddie wasn’t so sure this was a good idea. She seemed hip to this game.


But we took her outside and she cheered up on her own turf:

I knew Maddie was a big Sophia the First fan, so I asked Jackie and Greg if we could put her in her Sophia dress. And it was magic. She read us stories, played with stickers…

M2-42wm M2-46wm

And then the violence broke out and it was mayhem. Ok, not really. Jackie bonked Greg on the head a few (hundred) times with a book aaaaand MaddieCakes lost her mind:


Maddie was laughing so hard, she was snorting. It was great 😀
The 15m-28m age can be difficult. A toddlers favorite word is often times, “NO!” or in Mad’s case, “NO WAY!” but with a little patience and creativity from all of us grown ups, some really great times and photographs can be had.
As always, thank you to Jackie and Greg for all the love!

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