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Party of Five {Akron Family Photos}



This was a special shoot for me (because it’s ALL ABOUT ME YOU GUYS duh). It was the night my husband planned a special anniversary date in downtown Cleveland for us! Of course, being really good at secrets, he didn’t *tell* me that he made those plans for the same night that I had scheduled the D family, so he got to ride along and help out for the first time ever.  Baby basket securing, funny face making, tiny love muffin holding- just some of his many talents. Enough about him though 😛

I knew I wanted to get Middle Sister A’s individual photos first; she’s two and what you’ve heard about toddlers is true 😛 She was such a stinking cutie though, I could have photographed her silly smirks and smiles and laughter all night.

Look how cute two is!!

One more because I can’t help myself.

Goo! So cUUUUuuuTE!

Momma Andrea was feeding Baby Sister V, so we moved along to Big Sister G. That “G” could stand for “gorgeous” because for real.

Her eyes were two of the prettiest I’ve seen. She was a total dream. Sweet, a little shy to start off but clearly no stranger to the camera. She helped care for her little sisters and kept things playful and fun!

And oh, baby V. If you follow Andrea on Instagram, you know about #vivislifelessons. Andrea has posted every day a little something to sock away in the ol’ mental bank and it’s been really beautiful to read.  And with this little face as inspiration, it’s no wonder Andrea has been able to keep up with it for over five months!

I can haz all the smoochez?

I love seeing all the personalities come out. Silly, inquisitive, precocious, joyful and loving… (bottom right in this collage- do you see baby V reaching out, and G holding her little fingers? C’mon ❤ ALL THE FEELS!)


I don’t know how I got so lucky. Andrea, thank you for bringing your little ladies (and Mike) to me. I hope you had as much fun as I did, and that you guys get settled into your new home soon!!

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The V Family {Macedonia family photos}

Oh sweet perfection. Adorable children? Yep. Perfectly coordinated outfits (that mom sent me a photo of before hand ::love::)? Yep. Perfect spring evening? Yep. Ten-thousand mosquitos dive bombing us at the end? Well, ok yes BUT the photos with those dandelions were totally worth it. See?



I don’t even need words. The V family was so cute and so easy to work with. I’m pretty sure Kate and Adam didn’t stop smiling the entire time ❤ Love.



Just for funnies, I made this little Facebook cover photo- I keep thinking about having them available for clients- what do you think? Would you want a cover photo of some of your pictures? Leave a comment and let me know!