Party of Five {Akron Family Photos}

  This was a special shoot for me (because it’s ALL ABOUT ME YOU GUYS duh). It was the night my husband planned a special anniversary date in downtown Cleveland for us! Of course, being really good at secrets, he didn’t *tell* me that he made those plans for the same night that I hadContinue reading “Party of Five {Akron Family Photos}”

The V Family {Macedonia family photos}

Oh sweet perfection. Adorable children? Yep. Perfectly coordinated outfits (that mom sent me a photo of before hand ::love::)? Yep. Perfect spring evening? Yep. Ten-thousand mosquitos dive bombing us at the end? Well, ok yes BUT the photos with those dandelions were totally worth it. See? I don’t even need words. The V family was soContinue reading “The V Family {Macedonia family photos}”