Austin {Brecksville Senior Photography}

Austin-collage-1wmAustin, oh Austin. My friends and loving, loyal clients Jackie and Greg mentioned to me that there was a very unique senior on Greg’s wrestling team for whom they wanted to do something special. He hadn’t had the royal treatment; hadn’t gotten personal senior photos. Greg asked if I could shoot for Austin and without hesitation I said heck yea, man! We got it set up and our little adventure began.


We met at Brecksville High School with intentions of photographing this track runner in his element, only to find that the keys we had to the track were wrong. And there was a 10 foot fence I was not about to climb over #nothankyou. We shot around the outside of the athletic building before heading over to a nearby park where I feel like Austin went full-on GQ. He was a total natural in front of the lens. I shared one of his photos in a photography group I belong to and it got over *1000* likes and had 130+ comments. You can guess why 😉



Austin will be running track at Mount Union in the fall and will be studying business management. He has been active in wrestling, track and field and in VOFT, and being awesome at pretty much every thing.

Austin, it was my absolute pleasure meeting and working with you. You are an incredible young man who has already shouldered more in your eighteen years than any one person should ever have to in a lifetime. Keep doing great things; I have no doubt you will.

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