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Beautiful Bailey {Sagamore Hills Photographer}


I’m months behind in blogging and desperate to catch up before the onslaught of fall sessions buries me! Bailey is one of those kids who :loves: to have her photo taken. And she’s crazy pretty, funny, and a spit fire to boot.

Gina (B’s mom) and I had a big plan about where we were going to shoot, what the style was going to be like, all kinds of BIG PLANS. Our shoot day arrives… and the sky is threatening. Now, the *same* fricking thing happened last year- we pulled up to our shoot location and as I opened my car door- it POURED.  It wasn’t raining YET when we got to the wild flowers. There may have been a lot of “GO GO GO!” squad-leader yelling, but we got off a lot of really great shots. Here are just a few of my favorites: BTG-66wm BTG-8wm BTG-87wmThe sprinkles started but there was one more place we wanted to work in and it was nearly just across the road and down a teeny bit, so we loaded into Gina’s Jeep and crossed everything that could cross. Apparently, it wasn’t enough crossing. We parked and the buckets came down.

Since we’re not a bunch of quitters, we three decided to wait it out. The rains had been on and off all day- we knew the OFF had to be coming soon. Waiting.


“Does it look like it’s letting up some!?” one of us would ask the other.

“NOPE” dear Bailey would chirp. But then, it sort of DID stop. Well, it stopped enough that I could jump out and take a shot of B playing in a wet spot:


We rushed over to the paddock Gina showed me a bit haggard and damp from the sprinkles but it was totally worth it:


We got another maybe 15 minutes of photos and laughing in before the lightening started and we had to call it.  I am so glad to have gotten to know Gina and that our kids are friends- it’s *always* and adventure with her!

We will get some creek photos, Gina! Probably before Bailey gets married 😉