When ‘Fia turned 2! {Cleveland Family Photographer}

Sofia is *2*

Many moons ago, I got to meet the *hilarious* Rachel and her spunky and precocious daughter, Sofia. Sofia was practically a grown up now that she was turning TWO WHOLE YEARS OLD.

Check out those fancy kicks she’s wearing ❤ I got to use the little red trike I was able to score from an online garage sale (woot woot!) and Little ‘Fia loved it. She called it “my bike” and frequently asked to sit back on “my bike”.

My bike?


As any parent knows age two comes with a warning, “those terrible twos!” but Sofia was so fun and cute and smiley- she was so easy to work with! Rachel had me cracking up too. I love this shot of Rachel chasing Sofia and playing with her! One of my favorite things to photograph is the “in between”– what happens when we think no one is watching ❤I'm gonna getcha!!

I’m currently booking for December dates and later, so if your little one is going to be hitting a milestone send me a line! I have a really awesome vintage sled we could use in place of the trike for you winter babies!

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