Kraus Summer Session {Erie, PA family photographer}

krausWM cover

Michelle and Mike, two of the raddest people I’ve had the chance to work with. Their girls are *perfection* and I cannot wait to take a few more shots of them in November! 

This pic of Miss V is one of my favorites. I love the light sunset behind her, I love her little expression- just love it. 
MK-100wm I was learning how to use some “sky overlays” which can replace a blown out sky (though I’m cool with the look of a blown sky). It takes me for.ev.er to get it right- I’m working with a limited version of PhotoShop and for everything else, it’s totally fine. But *if* I want to use these sky overlays and have them work in minutes rather than the few hours it currently takes, I need to upgrade. Just take all my money, Adobe. MK-72overlay-wm

MK-56.1wm MK-40wm

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Summer time…

Oh holy smokes. Between shooting, editing, and keeping my family alive I have totally lost my mojo blogging! I love to blog, too but time keeps on slippin’ slippin’ slippin’… So lets roll back the clock to gorgeous July in my hometown of North East, PA. I was able to take a couple Summer Mini sessions out there along the shores of Lake Erie. The Lake was angry and frothy and a funky shade of green/grey but if you live along the Lake, you know how temperamental it can be!

I met up with Denise, a knowledgeable and trustworthy lawyer friend along with her two children; and off we went! 

DCP-44wm DCP-46wm DCP-71wm DCP-73wm

One of my favorite shots from our session :*) DCP-81wmLook at the color of the wave behind them! That’s crazy! I absolutely love their fun faces, silly pose, and that peek of pink sunset behind us!