Baby S’s 6 month milestones {Macedonia family photographer}

FB Coverwm

I have a feeling I’ll be playing catch up on the blog 🙂 The N family came to me as a referral (refer a friend and you get $10 off your next session when your friend pays their deposit and they get 2 extra digital files for their disk!) and I’m so glad. Little fella Soren was six months old! SN-89wm

Seriously, have you seen a sweeter face?! Those brown eyes! So dang CUTE. SN-135wm

Soren was an expert sitter which blew my mind! Mom and Daddy brought his beloved stuffed bear, and we snuck it in a couple shots. I *love* when a family wants to personalize their session with something special to them!



Ahh… love family sessions like this! I can’t wait to get back outside and work in the sunshine again. Old Man Winter, I’ve got a couple weeks left of tolerating these temps in the teens, but you’re going to have to BEAT IT. Anyone want to brave a snowy session once we get back into the 20s?

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