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Cassy + Jason {fall family photos}

I wrapped up my nephew’s birthday and dove face first into my incredibly packed fall family schedule.Cassy fall cover

I was lucky enough to shoot baby Alison when she was newborn, and getting to see her as a toddler was such a treat.


Her big brothers are so much fun. They’re the perfect combination of silly and sweet.CO-43wm CO-32wm

We played in the leaves a bit, snapped a couple of the three together (the smooching happened all on its own!)CO-5wm

grabbed some fast family photos and that was that! I could have shot all day though; Cassy, Jason, Owen, Carter, and Alison were total models.  CO-9wm

Mini sessions go *fast*. Even though I time mini sessions out to no more than 30 minutes, my clients can still expect anywhere from 30-40 images for a family of five in their private online galleries 😀 I’m booking sessions for June and July NOW. Summer is such a great time for photos. I prefer summer to fall for my own family photos (GASP!) The sunlight is so warm, the days are filled with fun. There’s no pressure to hurry up and get the photos done so you have them in time for your holiday cards– shoot in the summer and you’ll have your images WELL in advance for those cards!

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A bit about respecting your privacy

I just want to put it out there for every one to see– if you would prefer I not tag you in photos I share online, or if you’d prefer I not share anything at all, please let me know. I do not want any of my clients to feel like they don’t have the right to privacy. If you’d like me to hold off sharing something until a certain time (pregnancy announcement, holiday photos, what ever) same deal; let me know.

I love being able to share my work and every time I do, I can count on at least 350 people being reached by the shared image which is one of the ways I advertise and grow my business, but if you have any requests at all just say the word. Under no circumstances will I share something you’ve asked me not to. As I venture into the world of boudoir photography, this will be more of a concern; at this point in time, I’m not sharing ANY boudoir photos online anywhere. Should I ever decide to open a page specifically for boudoir photos, you will 100% have the right to tell me which, if any photos you’re OK with being shared. I do NOT have a plan right now, to open a boudoir photos page.

I prefer to have requests written, so that I don’t lose them or forget 😉 and all of my contracts now remind clients that they have the right to request privacy. Your wishes are important to me and always will be. Being respectful of their wishes is just one of the ways I show my clients how much I love and appreciate them ❤