2016 Recap: what a year

So, we made it! 2016 was… well it was something wasn’t it? Professionally the year was awesome for me and I met a ton of great new clients as well as caught up with so many of you loyal WBP friends, I was able to get the direct download option back up and running without glitching and so many of you saw the value in printing your images professionally!  My goal was to book 43 sessions this year, I booked over 60. That’s super exciting to me- I only take 3-4 sessions a month, and of course the winter months in Cleveland are brutal for us outdoor, natural light photographers. I thought to myself, “Hey Self, forty-odd sessions would be GREAT, all things considered. You’ll be back in Erie and then visiting the in-laws in New England and not able to work, and who know what winter will be like! Forty-something is a totally good number! Let’s do this!” Then you guys were like, “Oh, it’s on.” And it’s been awesome.

I got to hold and snuggle so.many.babies this year- keep ‘em coming! If you know someone having a baby in 2017, get them in touch with me- I have baby plans for all budgets. If I met your baby in 2016, don’t forget your milestones  😀

Summer this year was so gorgeous- I got to have my first outside newborn session with little Elise! I got to take on a couple boudoir sessions and hire on a hair and make-up artist to help out with that (with more sessions opening up again in June 2017).eas-113wm jf-14wm
Fall came in like a lion and sold out completely within days of my announcing dates and locations.


And even though I was going to take December off to give my eyes a bit of a rest, there was no way I could turn down baby Mason or Jenny in her journey.

2-2wmThis year was such a whirlwind! I am very hopeful that 2017 will be amazing as well. I’m booking March and April right now; I’ll be booking special very limited mini sessions at the end of March which will be shot in April. Thank you all so much for keeping me busy; I hope I get to see all of you this year!52in2016