Owen 9m milestone session {Cleveland baby photographer}

Owen and his lovely momma came to my studio for a 9 month milestone session recently. We were able to head outside and grab a few shots in addition to our studio time when the weather warmed up. It is *so* good to be able to be outside again. I enjoy having babies in studio, but there is really nothing like being outdoors.


I love shooting these milestone sessions. Ages and stages is what it’s all about! Owen had just started crawling a day or so before our session so I really wanted to make sure I got some cute crawling shots. My own daughters never crawled- they went from sitting on their duffs, to walking (they were “late” walkers, so there was a lot of duff-sitting) which makes it so exciting for me to get to live these milestones with my clients. It’s so great that so many people appreciate these moments and realize how fleeting they are; booking these milestone sessions are such a fast and easy way to hold on to these minutes that tick by.

To schedule your milestone session email me! wendy@wboycephotos.com.

Crawling AND feeling grass! WOOHOO! SPRING!