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Published like crazy! {community not competition}

My second and third articles were also published on Pretty Presets for Lightroom’s blog!

These articles are geared toward new photographers generally, but established ‘togs will enjoy them as well 🙂

Thank you photog family for being so supportive. #communitynotcompetetion

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Photography help, photography how to, Q&A

Helping out {community not competition}

A few months ago, I received an email asking for article submissions to one of my favorite photography resources, Pretty Presets for Lightroom.

The first article was published yesterday. I hope you find strength in these words and run the best business you can ❤


Elise’s Cake Smash {cleveland baby photographer}

Elise was the first summer newborn I got to shoot outdoors! I was *so* hoping that I would be able to do her cake smash outside, too but it was just a bit too chilly to be out for too long. No big deal though, I brought my sort-of-mobile studio set up with me 😀
We did manage to get some portraits of the birthday girl and her family before changing into Elise’s signature color ruffle romper (purple


Guys, I am so proud of this one. Two kids looking, mom and dad looking AND A PUPPY.
Heavens to Betsy, she is so beautiful.


Elise’s yummy cake came from Cup Caked located in Twinsburg OH. It’s never too early to book your milestone sessions. If you have a baby turning one in September, October, November, or even December– let’s talk! I know it feels far away, but these summer months will fly by and milestones sneak up on you. Don’t be left scrambling!
Email to book your milestone session be it 6m, 8m, 9m, or a 12m cake smash!


Music to a photographer’s ears

This lovely young lady is Caelan. Caelan is the oldest of three lovely young ladies. She is creative, and clever, and eager to learn. During her family session, she helped out so much! She was curious about everything and I loved it. She had the maturity of the Big Sister, but still had the precociousness of a little girl.DPA-42wm

We got to the end of our family session, and she asked if she could take a picture. Normally, this is a hard NO. My gear weighs about four pounds which is heavy even for me, and being blunt, it costs a crap ton of money. I rarely let anyone touch my gear, like, ever.

However, Caelan showed a *lot* of responsibility so I put the neck strap on her, and kept my hands on the camera body and showed her where to put her hands. I have my camera body set to work a bit differently, so after giving Caelan a quick run down on where to set the “red square” (the focus point indicator), I set the f-stop and shutter speed for her and let her fire off a shot of her sister Ellery:

As we all walked back to the car, Caelan excitedly talked about her picture, looked at her momma with those big, gorgeous, pleading eyes and said, “Can I have my own camera, please?” I mean… my little heart nearly exploded. Lots of adults enjoy photography and try very hard to understand all of what goes into making a photo- not just taking a picture, but actually creating a photograph, but no child has ever taken to it, the way Caelan did in those few minutes. I know her momma is an artist with words, and I know she fosters artistry in her daughters