Fall Sessions are LIVE!

fall mini sale

Fall is without doubt the busiest season for family photographers. In order to keep things easier and more streamlined for my clients, I’ve set up ONLINE BOOKING! yay! Sessions are $199 for a twenty minute time slot. How many files do you get? Well… as a huge thank you for keeping my business alive and chugging, I’ve decided to include ALL edited images in galleries for direct download. Mini sessions typically have 15-20 images for your personal use. At present, I have only a couple October spaces open (you can easily see what times are open, clicking the link https://square.site/book/P7A8W3VSP0CRN/wendy-boyce-sagamore-hills-oh) and a few November spaces as well. 

In the coming days, you will also be able to book your milestone, newborn, and full family sessions online!  I can open another November date if needs be.  PLEASE let me know if you would like to book a FRIDAY session. I have very limited Friday spaces, but will do the best I can to accommodate. They may NOT show on the booking calendar so please EMAIL me for a Friday time: wendy@wboycephotos.com

Locations and dates available are as follows:

Oct. 19th– Hudson Spring Park, Hudson

Oct 26th– Furnace Run Reservation, Townsend Road
Nov. 2nd– Longwood Park, Macedonia

Nov. 16th– Brecksville Reservation, Chippewa Road.

As always, we need to be prepared for *any* weather and any level of “fall”. We may have a long, colorful fall, or we may have two days of color and bare trees with streaming warm light. There will only be rescheduled dates for POURING rain. We can work in damp and cool weather, but not in pouring rain. If it’s pouring rain at the time of your session, we will shoot the next SUNDAY at the same location and time.

To complete your booking, you will need to submit your signed contract and paid invoice. Without both documents returned by their due dates listed your session space will NOT be placed on the calendar and will remain open for someone else to schedule. Locations are listed on the booking website, in the “fall mini session” booking appointment.

So what are you waiting for? Book your FALL MINI NOW! 

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