A little birthday love {cleveland family photographer}

Cleveland child photographer, tween photographer

My 40th birthday is fast approaching and the other night, my husband and daughters shocked the crap out of me– they gave me the lens I have been saving all year for :O There’s a cute story to go along with it. The three of them had gone out to shop for me last weekend. Finding “nothing” (ugh as if I’m hard to shop for, haha) they were about to head home when my daughter Lilly pipped up with, “Mommy wants a lens, a Sigma 135. She has been looking at them online. Can we get that for her?” Now, this is amazing and observant of my 12 year old, because she is right- I do want the 135, and I *had* been lovingly gazing at them online. I have been saving for one for the last year, because they are insanely expensive and I have a very hard time investing in myself. Josh turned the car around and headed off to the nearest Dodd Camera where he asked about the lens. It wasn’t currently in stock at that store, but they could have it sent down. Then he found out the cost (over a thousand dollars, to save you from googling). The girls said, “Daddy asked the guy at the counter, ‘if my wife kills me for spending this, can it be returned/’…”
I opened the “gift bag” which was one of my reusable grocery bags (say no to plastic!) and pulled out the lens box. I sat in stunned silence. I am *never* without words. Like, ever. I had thought they would go to Petitti Garden Center and get wind chimes that Josh and I had looked at a few weeks ago, but that I put back because they were too expensive at $85. My daughter Molly was video taping me and they kept asking, “is it ok, are you ok? Are you happy?” And I Could.Not.Speak. Full shock. I quickly mounted it to my Nikon and said, “Who will come out with me so I can test and calibrate this?!” Silence from the crowd…. Molly did end up volunteering because she said Iย  “made a sad exhale” which, yea I probably did!! haha! I have been incredibly fortunate with my Sigma Art lenses, they have been tack sharp with very little fine tuning. And it turns out, this little guy(ok, big guy weighing in at about 3lbs) was spot on right out the box, and wide open. ::pause to wipe the drool from my chin::
Here are a few of those test shots, featuring my Molly. Lilly gets her turn in front of the lens soon ๐Ÿ˜‰

She calls this her duck face, haha!!
Cleveland child photographer, tween photographer
Give me all the sunshine in the hair!

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