Fall Fashion guide {cleveland family photographer}

You’ve done it! You’ve booked your FALL MINI SESSION, you’ve told the family they need to be on their best behavior for twenty minutes, you’re looking forward to making your holiday cards and it hits you… now you need to dress everyone.

“What should we wear?”
The first thing I do, is look inside our own closet. My husband usually wears one of his button downs, or a polo, a pair of slacks or shorts he already owns, my daughters wear dresses if we have use for dresses again (one year we were going to see the Nutcracker, and the Cleveland Orchestra). This year, my daughter L is wearing a little romper I found at CostCo for $12 and M is wearing a top she got for school and jeggings. I knew L really liked the little romper dress and it had a slew of coordinating colors in it- blues, magenta, plum, white, and pink! When you look for your outfits, look for one “statement” piece, something with pattern or color. Since L’s romper has so many colors already, I wanted the rest of us to coordinate with her ” statement” piece. The rest of us are wearing solids- M in plum, my husband in blue, me in navy. You can mix patterns, but if you have outfit anxiety, stick with color mix and match.

I only joined our local Costco 10 months ago and didn’t even know they carried clothing! Check out this little comfy dress– $13 here in Ohio! IT HAS POCKETS. If you like a little bit of shape, you can get a thin belt like THIS and cinch in the waist. That particular belt link is $16 for THREE cute belts. Woot!

womens dress for fall
I would pair this dress with this little target dress for a daughter aged 4-12

If it’s chilly, you can toss a little denim jacket over top! THIS is a cute dress, too! Look at the color choices in the patter of the yellow dress. Yellow and green are coordinating- you need yellow to make green. For the boys in your life, I’d select a soft neutral grey, or a navy sweater or button down.
This charcoal grey sweater from Old Navy is $20 and can work easily for Thanksgiving dinner, and winter holidays! A simple white t-shirt underneath will add a layer of wind protection, or you can do a little fancier button down. This sweater comes in lots of great colors and ALL coordinate well with both of the dresses above!

If you ever find yourself stuck, just reach out! If you want me to look at what you’ve selected text me or email me. I want you to love your photos, and the first step is to love what you have on 😀

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