Mystery Film is Mysterious {cleveland film photographer}

Last week, my cousin and her girlfriend brought me a BAG FULL of mystery film. I’m talking about 30 rolls of film. As best we know, it was just kept in a drawer. There were two rolls of a Fujifilm I can’t find anything about, and like 28 rolls of this other brand which apparently only existed for a very short while– Google gives me 1 result with brand. The only date stamped on one box was its expiration… which was Sept of 1998. Amanda and Kyla were like “OMG SO OLD!” and I was like, “Listen bitches, I graduated from high school in 1998, so you best watch it.” 😉

This film expired OVER 20 YEARS AGO and it’s still perfectly usable. Film is pretty got-dang amazing. Think about the things you had 20 years ago. Can you even find a VCR to play your favorite VHS from 20 years ago, if the tape hasn’t ripped? How’s your walkman holding up? What’s playing your favorite mix-tape that you jacked from the Top 8 at 8 on the radio (ok, maybe that was more like 30 years ago).

My daughters and I quickly fired off four rolls of the film and I sent them out to my old favorites, Old School Photo Lab.
You guys. They checked my film in Tuesday, and I got the scans Wednesday. I was afraid that the turn around was SO crazy fast, because there was nothing on the rolls. I thought I had just sent four ruined rolls of dead film.
N E W P!!! Turns out the LabRats are just that freaking good. One day turn around time friends. I can’t get my digitals out in one day :O

They all came out!!! The white balance is SUPER warm (meaning they pull very yellow/golden), but holy freaking freak. Just look. Obviously, the shots I am in, one of my daughters took. This is just a tiny sample. One roll had 10/12 images, the other three had 26/24 shots!
film photos, fall film photography, cleveland photography  
I am so so happy with these. I’m going to put a roll in my Nikon F100 and give it a go! Well, ok I’ll shoot more for myself once fall is over because my clients are keeping me REALLY busy  😉

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