13 and changes… {cleveland teen photographer}

Milestones come at all points in life. We celebrate when our babies pick their heads up. We celebrate the first time they lock eyes with us and smile. We celebrate when they do that tri-pod sit. And then when they pull themselves up to stand… and toddle off. We celebrate their first days of school.

And we celebrate when they come into who they are.


Layla turned 13 this summer. Thirteen is a big one. It’s a toe dip into your own future. Layla, at 13 has more self assurance than I ever had. She loves sarcasm, and pride, and The Walking Dead. Layla is smart, and witty. She has a quiet way about her, and when she hits you with something hilarious, like begging to dab in front of a church you do NOT see it coming.


Thirteen is special. Thirteen is beginnings. It’s stretching your boundaries, putting yourself out there. It’s learning how to be YOUR OWN person. Layla is boundless, brave, and a force. She is thirteen and pretty awesome.

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