Nothing but time {cleveland film photographer}

I didn’t shoot any film at all, in January in attempt to save a bit of money, but that all went out of the window in February and now March. I had mentioned earlier, that I have to rate my mystery film at 50 asa (sometimes I rate it at 25!) and what that means is that my camera thinks there is more available light. The lower the ASA/ISO number, the more ambient light your camera thinks it has. Since film’s ISO (called ASA) is set to one number and isn’t something you can change willy nilly like you can digitally, I often have to add some light. It’s pretty over cast in Cleveland in the winter for the most part, and being stuck indoors means there’s even less light. You can make a picture without light! Turns out, for these couple rolls, I didn’t add enough light with my flash so they’re underexposed. Some still usable, but film doesn’t do as well with underexposure as it does overexposure.

My daughter M really likes to bake, and she put together these cakes. Her butter wasn’t soft enough (or maybe was too melty? I don’t know I’m not a good food person) so her homemade frosting got a lil’ chunky. It was still yummy.  The cake is a crescent moon in the night sky.

As always, cats and skies on film My daughters get pretty annoyed when I stick my camera in their face too often, but my kitties never get sick of it 😉 You can see in this set how dark a number of the frames came out. When I used my flash, I didn’t use my hand-held meter so I winged it… not the best idea when you pay about $1 a frame for development, but hey lesson learned.

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