Giving back {cleveland family photographer}

What a freaking wild ride 2020 has been, am I right? We learned so much about ourselves and the services we couldn’t live without, that prior to March weren’t even a blip on our radar.

I have been trying to think of a way to express appreciation to the people who we maybe didn’t think so much of before the ::swearword:: called Covid came to town—our grocery store cashier (you know the one who always bags the best) or the person who delivers your monthly “Friday Night Pizza Dinner” (it’s Panera in my house, my delivery person is called Kevin, and he’s fantastic). Maybe it’s the teacher you’ve emailed 38 times in three weeks, trying to figure out how the heck to use the distributive property (sorry, Mrs. G, my kids learned how to carry the 1). Perhaps though it was someone on the front lines like your nurse friend, who has been changing clothes in her driveway and going in the house barefoot. Or the pharmacist you know, who works third shift every night to make sure all patients have access to their meds. Before these people were just “doing their jobs” but now… now they have a new name… Essential.

Book One, GIFT One—Gratitude Sessions for Essential Workers

I heard whispers of the gratitude project and knew I’d found my answer. For the first TEN full sessions booked for JULY, AUGUST, OR SEPTEMBER 2020, I will donate a session to an essential worker!  Ten sessions, ten donations ❤  You can nominate someone to receive your donated session, or I have a list of essential people I’ve been building since April 1 when all of this started swirling around in my head. The recipient of your donated session will be given a gift card either physically or via email depending on what’s easiest for all. Some restrictions apply including but not limited to: I am unable to book donated sessions in October of 2020, and all sessions will take place outdoors to keep in line with Ohio’s social distance requirements. I am also not accepting in-home or studio newborns at this time.

If there’s someone you’d like to nominate tell me a little bit about them, how you know them, what they do and make sure you give me their name and email address when you book your session, so I can contact them and get their gifted session started. If the first ten spots sell out too quickly, I’ll look at opening more spaces! Email to book your session!

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