When Todd was born {cleveland newborn photographer}

Cleveland newborn, newborn photo, wrapped newborn

This summer, I got to meet sweet little Todd and his momma AND daddy! Daddy had missed *everything* with covid restrictions, so Mommy asked if there was any way at all, Dad could come to the shoot. As it stands my studio space is *not* large enough to accommodate two adults and myself, so with help from my husband I was able to move all the gear I needed for this Itty Bitty Baby session down to my much larger family room. Obviously, converting my family room isn’t an option for every session and my studio space works well for all milestone sessions, but I knew how important it was to include Todd’s daddy and I am so glad to have found a way.

Michelle brought an Americana flag wrap, which was perfectly stretchy and a great bonus! I can generally use anything personal with enough notice- I plan a shoot schedule so if there is something you want to incorporate, just let me know at least a week in advance.

I love these lightly posed newborns. The Itty Bitty Baby studio session is the perfect fit for families who want a solely newborn-focused session, at a great price.
You can begin your newborn session booking HERE– if your actual due date isn’t shown as available, pick the next closest date ❤ Don’t worry too much about the times shown either, we can make most time slots work 😀

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