To say thanks… {cleveland gratitude photographer}

This summer, I read about a program that photographers all over the US were participating in. It was a way to say thank you, to the members of our communities who found themselves suddenly more “essential” than they had been prior to March. When a session was purchased at full price in the months of July or August, I donated a session to an essential worker; a teacher, hospital pharmacist, an ER doctor, an employee of the food banks, and a grocery store cashier ❤
The Harraman family was one of the families gifted a session, and when Missy let me in on a little secret she asked if we could do something special for their shoot.

Missy was expecting and was going to find out the sex of their baby just a few days before we shot, and she wanted to use the photos as both pregnancy announcement and to let her family and friends know Baby Boy #2 was on the way!

No real smoke bombs were used; this is a digital overlay. No fires set here!

How fun, right?! Big Brother to-be Jack was happier than his face may lead you to presume : *) Missy let me know Jackson was going through a “smile phase” and I freaking love it 😀 I love that not only did we get to share their families joy, but we got to capture Jack in one of those points in childhood we moms look back on and say, “Oh yes! You always had your natural smile right up until I took a picture of you!”

When they don’t realize your photographing them, you get all the personality ❤ I love chatting with my little friends- allowing them to be silly, tell me stories, talk about the brown bunny who lives inside my camera– all of these things help them feel safe with me and that is key to cooperation 😀

Jack and his daddy are BFFs. Look at the straight up pure joy on Jack’s face!

Have no worries, Miss Wendy made sure Jack and his Momma got snuggles!

I can’t wait to meet the newest little Harra”Man”! Thank you so much, Missy, Jeff, Jack and of course Gigi for spending your precious time with me!

I am currently booking maternity and newborn sessions for December, January, February, and March 2021!

Check out session rates for the remainder of 2020 HERE!!

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