Well, I’ll be… {cleveland photographer}

This year has been. Well, you guys know. Closing down, reopening, and now closing my home studio for the rest of 2020 limiting my shooting/working options (RIP Christmas Minis 2020 : *( I’m not seeing my own family indoors, I can’t be indoors with someone else’s family without feeling like a hypocrite )…. it’s not awesome. I had a small, maybe silly goal for this year but I never tell anyone my goals because the thought of failing is too much for my Type A with mild anxiety personality to handle. But here goes.

All I wanted to do, was to see my little social media page hit 1200 likes.

I never should have let thoughts of failure creep into my head. While so much has been one freaking dumpster fire after another, the one thing I have been able to count as a constant was you- my friends, my family, my clients.

I made a post on my personal page, sharing that I was only about 10 likes away from my goal, which honestly is probably incredible stupid and small to some, but it was a big deal for me. I really just hoped that I could get maybe 5 away. Five likes away wouldn’t be like, a FAIL fail, right? So many of my friends already have liked my page, have hired me to shoot for them, have referred their friends to book with me (I see you, Jen and Corynn; I see you ❤ ❤ ) it leaves me without words.

So when I posted on Sunday night (!!) I wasn’t really sure who would even be left. And then the sharing started. Friends who had liked for me, shared to their page, shared to their own business pages and their friends shared… and within an hour I had hit my goal. A friend from high school (I graduated in 1998, and still NEHS has been here for me) posted “I think you made it”. I popped over to my page and did a refresh… and sure enough. I was slack jawed. The likes kept coming, too! Friends from back in Erie (and hey– I might be shooting back in town if I’m allowed this summer!) , other high school classmates, friends of friends. I felt good, and happy and I really, really needed that.

I’m a chatty gal, and it’s not often I’m left without words, but as I headed to bed, I just kept shaking my head. You guys did it again- you came through for me, for my little business, for my family really. Without your support I wouldn’t have been able to adopt two shelter kittens (and pay for a scary surgery for one); I wouldn’t be able to help someone close to me going through an even shittier 2020 than most of us, I wouldn’t have been able to say yes when my daughter looked at me with doe eyes and asked if she could dance on the company team this year, I wouldn’t have been able to enroll in continuing education specifically geared for photographers. You have done that for me AND you made it possible for me to provide FREE sessions for essential workers this summer! YOU DID THAT.

So, thank you. Thank you for your bookings. Thank you for your shares. Thank you for your referrals. Thank you for your likes and follows. Thank you for your time. Thank you for sharing your families with me. Thank you, so very very much.

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