Brothers turn 13! {cleveland milestone photographer}

Being an identical twin cannot be easy. As a mother to identical girls, we have been asked every question under the sun, and at the one and only TwinsFest we attended we were asked for DNA swabs, to allow strangers to touch and hold the girls (who were two!), and a woman asked, “are those twins?” -_- Luckily for my girls, they were one of SEVEN sets of multiples in their grade so at school they were less of a “freak show”.

Twins get lumped into one unit all the time. “How are the twins sleeping? Did the twins take their math test? Are the twins playing soccer this year?” It’s very hard for multiples, especially identical multiples to be seen as individuals, so when Jenny said she wanted to book two sessions, on two different days, so each of her sons could have the full attention aspect my heart grew 10x.

First up, Mr Corbin. Corbin is softspoken with an artistic eye. He was recently gifted a massive lot of 35mm cameras (EEE!!! Starting on film!!!) and is working on photography at his school! I told Jenny to make sure Corbin brings at least one of his cameras with him. Corbin brought a really cool rangefinder but forgot Rule #1– make sure you have film. We went over to Squire’s Castle and spent sometime talking basics. Good times!

Teenager photographer at Squire Castle in Cleveland Ohio.

A week later, I got to hang out with Spencer. Spencer said he had also been interested in photography, but he’s been studying vintage portraits. Pretty cool, right?

I promise, these are two special, individual young men! People used to tell us that my daughters are IDENTICAL identicals and I thought it was silly because they are so very different– and when I see Corbin and Spencer I’m like, “oooh yea, IDENTICAL identicals!” haha! They’re both such great kids, who have an awesome big sister and access to a candy shop. Their family operates Brandt’s Candies on Lost Nation road in Willoughby!

Happy thirteenth birthday, Corbin! Happy thirteenth birthday, Spencer!!

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