Newborn love {cleveland newborn photographer}

nbs-9Ah, new people.  Photographing newborns is my most favorite part of my job. I always travel to my client’s home, so everything is as easy as possible. No packing up, no worrying about diaper explosions, no worries about an uncooperative tiny human or sibling 😉 While I can bring some small studio props with me, I generally prefer to shoot your newest family member, at home- just being. I love getting to use personal pieces- in the above picture, Joey’s mommy (a very talented artist) painted the globe behind him, we shot in his room, with his yellow blanket!


When Cecelia was born, I was able to photograph her big brother snuggling with her by the window, a beautiful smile in her Daddy’s arms, and a precious little coo in her crib! These photos wouldn’t have the same sentimentality had I shot them in studio.

It’s so important to me, to be able to give my clients a glimpse of their tiny baby and his or her role in the family. The newborn phase goes by so quickly, and in such a haze. In the blur of sleep deprivation and hormonal changes, it’s easy to forget the tiny little wisp of hair he had, or the little dimple she had comfort sucking, or the way the puppies always wanted to be so close. To make sure you can get in, book your newborn session no later than your 30th week of pregnancy. (email for availability, currently I can take April, May, and June newborns)inhome-collageStudio photography is *beautiful* and someday, I hope to be able to add the option for studio photos, but for now I’ll happily come to you and photograph your tiny person right at home indoors, or if you have a summer baby outdoors! ❤




Mandi’s Maternity {cleveland maternity photographer}

On this freezing Thursday, I’m throwing it back to Mandi’s maternity session! We had a beautiful, chilly day. Big Brother Ben was *so* adorable, giving kisses and snuggles, and big smiles! It’s so awesome to be able to include the new “big” sibling in maternity sessions. mpcn-12wm

Isn’t she beautiful?mpcn-38wm

Perfection, they name is Charlie Belly. mpcn-41wmmpcn-49wmSometimes, you need a little snack break. mpcn-19wmmpcn-63wmOn Sunday, I get to meet little sister Charlotte Noel, who was born Dec 26th! Working with Mandi, Joey, and Ben is always so fun and relaxed. I always look forward to our time together.

I’m currently booking FEBRUARY and MARCH newborns! Refer a friend and get some fun extras for both of you 😉 Save over $100 when you book a Watch Me Grow session where you get newborns, 4m, 8, and a 12m cake smash all set up at once, but pay through out the year! All you need to do, is email me at to get set up. We’ll discuss your due dates, and I’ll send out my contract and invoice. Easy peasy!


Another film post? OH YEA, BABY {cleveland film photographer}

I have been loving using film; the way the film reads light, the way it reads sky, the actual psychical feeling of the print in my hand, the texture of film. I love the anticipation of getting my scans back, I love getting the actual print itself. I even love putting the prints in my albums!
My D750 was involved in a recall (despite not having any issues with it) which meant I had to ship it off to Nikon and that I wasn’t going to be able to take it on vacation with me (aw, shucks). I took my cell phone of course, but also took my Vivitar v3000s- the same one that was given to me by an incredibly generous friend. I have the scans back from that trip and wow; I am so happy with them. *My Nikon ended up being sent back cleaned up and fixed up within seven days, which was also pretty amazing so props to Nikon’s service center in NY.*

My husband gave me a bit of a start when he said, “What will you do, if something goes wrong and the film doesn’t develop?” because, yea that would have been pretty crappy. And it did happen one time- that a roll of film didn’t come out (but like, one time out of 25).


I trusted myself. I trusted what *I* know. I trusted my camera and my film. And I have 240 images to show for our first family vacation 😀 I’d love to share them all, but I know going through other people’s vacation photos is about as thrilling as going to the dentist. I hope you enjoy just these few peeks into NYC on film ❤

I love that my reflection shows in the glass!




*special thanks to Old School Photo Lab for the developing!

When Elise was born {Cleveland Newborn Photographer}

This is the week of throw-backs! Today’s feature is baby Elise ❤ Elise was born in March, so I headed down to her family for her in-home newborn session. Shooting in my client’s home is always the easiest for them- no packing up anything, no worries if baby has a diaper explosion or a little reflux. We also get to relax, and spend time in a place where everyone is most comfortable.


and… I get to meet the family pets ❤ Olive and Henry made this shoot so special. Olive had to make sure the basket was safe for her new human!

All those small details… you forget sometimes how tiny their ear was, or how they puckered their little lips, the curve of a chubby cheek ❤ You forget how their skin was so new, and soft… You never forget the work it took to grow them, but sometimes you forget those itty bitty details.


I get to see Elise in just a few weeks for her six month milestone session and I cannot wait to see how much she’s changed! I’m booking November and early 2018 newborns and milestone sessions 😀 If you know someone expecting, send them my way; when they book their session you’ll both earn some fun freebies!

Dexter is ONE! {Twinsburg Baby Photographer}

Dexter, it’s been a joy to Watch You Grow over the year. You are the sweetest little pumpkin. Your sparkling smile cannot be beat and your precious pout could melt even the iciest of hearts. Your cheeks are divine and I’m so glad I got to hug on you so much.

I could photograph Dex, Maria, and even Bryce (haha) every day and be 100% happy. I want to extend my Watch Me Grow package just so I can keep seeing my little buddies! I can’t stress the value of the Watch Me Grow package enough- the first year goes by so quickly. Before you know it, your baby is four months old and you’re hoping to find someone with immediate availability to get those first real smiles! When you book Watch Me Grow session, you get newborn photos, 4m, 8m, and a 12m cake smash session all booked at once and paid throughout the year at a considerable savings versus booking it all out individually.  I’m booking September and later due dates 😉 Don’t miss out!aphroBT

Extended Family session {CLE Family Photographer}

If you’re lucky enough to have your family nearby, you’re lucky enough.
Getting to meet the Pienta clan this summer was a treat. I’ve been shooting for Joey and Mandi for nearly two years now and I recently got to meet Joey’s side of the family 😀 I have a feeling we’ll need to update this extended family photo next year 😉

Ben, Mandi, Joey, Joe, Jack, Karen, Mary Kay

Mary Kay asked for a special photo of she and Mandi together, noting the last photo she had of the two of them, was from Mandi and Joey’s wedding! Happy to oblige, lovelies! Love Mary Kay’s floral top.KJP-30wmThe Pienta ladies ❤ KJP-43wm

Baby Ben wasn’t really feeling posed photos, but he was TOTALLY down for throwing rocks into the creek! Karen and Joe climbed to the creek edge and the three of them played. I shot for a bit on a bridge above the creek….KJP-48wmbut quickly realized that I wanted to be down in the watery action! I love Karen’s face, and that Joe is collecting more rocks for Ben. They have set foundations for such a loving family. Totally worth a couple splashes. I enjoy shooting posed portraits, but I also really love that everyone was totally cool with abandoning the idea and just taking time to play together. KJP-50wmInterested in booking your own extended family session? Email me today at ; I’m currently taking bookings for September! Fall in our area is beautiful, but in my humble opinion, there is *nothing* like summer. The greens, the life, the warmth. I’m having my own family photos taken later this month 😉 Summer fans unite!

More film!

As I talked about HERE, I picked up a vintage film camera a Yashica 35ME and had a roll developed. I learned so much from that first roll, and I can proudly say my second and third rolls are so cool and much improved (humble brag haha).


The sky photos I’m getting from the Yashica on film make my little heart go pitter pat!

I was also sent a Vivitar v3000s film camera by my friend Amanda which is so awesome. I’ve shot off a couple rolls of film on it, but haven’t sent them out for development. I send my film HERE. The Vivitar is a fully manual body, so using it is similar to using my Nikon D750. I’m excited to see what comes out from it!  I have been really enjoying shooting with film. I truly thought I would be frustrated- making mistakes and not seeing them or being able to correct them until I have a scan or the film in my hand was a challenge but I found myself totally consumed with slowing down, getting it right, remembering to shoot smarter, quality of quantity. After all, when you only have 24 exposures to work with, you can’t waste a shot. Being able to get a shot of the moon below was probably one of my most exciting things! The lens is a wide angle 28mm lens, which isn’t the greatest for astrophotography like this (though wide angles are GREAT for shooting the Milky Way and other stars)  but I’m *super* happy with this shot!


We are so spoiled with the digital technology available to us; I cannot imagine trying to learn the basics on film. Film photographers who do so and did so, you are amazing to me. When I was learning the fundamentals of photography, seeing the image immediately was critical for me. I needed to be able to see, right then what happened when I opened my lens all the way, what happened to my depth of field, my focal plane. I needed to find the spot where my shaky hands wouldn’t affect my image (shutter speeds of 1/200th or 1/250th are good for me), I needed to see that if I dialed up my ISO, I would also have to make changes to my f-stop and shutter speed. Learning this way helped me so much and I’m glad to have had that foundation to build film photography on J I would love to build my film body collection! I really love what I have been able to get out of my Yashica and I am so glad that my friends have been so encouraging not only with my digital work but with these personal film images 😀

If you have a film camera, run out to the drug store and grab a pack of film! It’s such a treat. Sure, you can’t immediately upload that shot of your sandwich to Instagram or put the puppy face filter over your image on SnapChat, but there is something even better about holding your physical print 🙂



Elise’s Cake Smash {cleveland baby photographer}

Elise was the first summer newborn I got to shoot outdoors! I was *so* hoping that I would be able to do her cake smash outside, too but it was just a bit too chilly to be out for too long. No big deal though, I brought my sort-of-mobile studio set up with me 😀
We did manage to get some portraits of the birthday girl and her family before changing into Elise’s signature color ruffle romper (purple


Guys, I am so proud of this one. Two kids looking, mom and dad looking AND A PUPPY.
Heavens to Betsy, she is so beautiful.


Elise’s yummy cake came from Cup Caked located in Twinsburg OH. It’s never too early to book your milestone sessions. If you have a baby turning one in September, October, November, or even December– let’s talk! I know it feels far away, but these summer months will fly by and milestones sneak up on you. Don’t be left scrambling!
Email to book your milestone session be it 6m, 8m, 9m, or a 12m cake smash!

Music to a photographer’s ears

This lovely young lady is Caelan. Caelan is the oldest of three lovely young ladies. She is creative, and clever, and eager to learn. During her family session, she helped out so much! She was curious about everything and I loved it. She had the maturity of the Big Sister, but still had the precociousness of a little girl.DPA-42wm

We got to the end of our family session, and she asked if she could take a picture. Normally, this is a hard NO. My gear weighs about four pounds which is heavy even for me, and being blunt, it costs a crap ton of money. I rarely let anyone touch my gear, like, ever.

However, Caelan showed a *lot* of responsibility so I put the neck strap on her, and kept my hands on the camera body and showed her where to put her hands. I have my camera body set to work a bit differently, so after giving Caelan a quick run down on where to set the “red square” (the focus point indicator), I set the f-stop and shutter speed for her and let her fire off a shot of her sister Ellery:

As we all walked back to the car, Caelan excitedly talked about her picture, looked at her momma with those big, gorgeous, pleading eyes and said, “Can I have my own camera, please?” I mean… my little heart nearly exploded. Lots of adults enjoy photography and try very hard to understand all of what goes into making a photo- not just taking a picture, but actually creating a photograph, but no child has ever taken to it, the way Caelan did in those few minutes. I know her momma is an artist with words, and I know she fosters artistry in her daughters