about me


Hi! I’m Wendy, a child and family portrait photographer in Cleveland, Ohio. I am an Ohio transplant, having moved to the southern Cleveland ‘burbs in 2012. I love it here in Summit County. I often tell my family and friends back in PA that Ohio is magical.

I’m an outgoing, fun person and really love getting to work with children and families. I’ve been lucky enough to have work published both online and in print; you can find my photos in a number of Pretty Preset blogs both as judge’s picks in contests and in articles I’ve written for the beginner photographer. I was featured in Pretty Preset’s magazine, “Pretty” as well. I love helping out new photographers and hope to be able to teach photography basics. I’ve been a top 20% and 30% photographer in the world-wide Shoot and Share contest the last two years running. ::toot toot:: goes my own horn.

In my spare time, you can find me volunteering in my daughters’ school, reading, or wandering around shooting film. My twins are often times my film subjects. Film photography has become a major creative outlet for me and has taught me so much! I’d love to photograph your family on film!
I can be reached at wendy@wboycephotos.com, or on social media at facebook.com/wboycephotos and instagram.com/wendy_b_photos_

If you’d like to learn more about wendy b photos, check out my website and give me a ::like:: on Facebook! If you have any questions, email wendy@wboycephotos.com

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