A really HUGE fall catch-up post

If that isn’t a catchy title, I don’t know what is.

It has been an absolute whirlwind fall. Every year I tell myself I’m not going to take on so much- I’ll spend more time with my family. I’ll actually hire someone else to take photos of us because I won’t be working every minute!

And then this year I took something like 12 more fall sessions than I did last year :*) I took 4-5 mini sessions every weekend and then also took my usual work load during the week. It was nuts and I’m pretty sure my eyes are going to fall out of my face. I’m taking only 2 sessions in December, not just to give my retinas a rest, but also because with the holiday season comes winter break for my daughters and you guys know I’m a mom first.

I wanted to share some of the families I had this year, and since my blogging is pretty much the worst ever, I’m going to pop them into a couple giant posts! We’ve had our first snow here, and looking back at the colors of fall is so nice 😀
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Cassy + Jason {fall family photos}

I wrapped up my nephew’s birthday and dove face first into my incredibly packed fall family schedule.Cassy fall cover

I was lucky enough to shoot baby Alison when she was newborn, and getting to see her as a toddler was such a treat.


Her big brothers are so much fun. They’re the perfect combination of silly and sweet.CO-43wm CO-32wm

We played in the leaves a bit, snapped a couple of the three together (the smooching happened all on its own!)CO-5wm

grabbed some fast family photos and that was that! I could have shot all day though; Cassy, Jason, Owen, Carter, and Alison were total models.  CO-9wm

Mini sessions go *fast*. Even though I time mini sessions out to no more than 30 minutes, my clients can still expect anywhere from 30-40 images for a family of five in their private online galleries 😀 I’m booking sessions for June and July NOW. Summer is such a great time for photos. I prefer summer to fall for my own family photos (GASP!) The sunlight is so warm, the days are filled with fun. There’s no pressure to hurry up and get the photos done so you have them in time for your holiday cards– shoot in the summer and you’ll have your images WELL in advance for those cards!

Book your session today by emailing wendy@wboycephotos.com

Jackie and Greg’s fall family #TBT

Jackie and Greg, oh Jackie and Greg. I shot family photos for them in the fall of 2013 and had so much fun. We did some extended family photos with some of my other favorites Leanne and Dan.  I know I say that often, but the best part about my job is how *fun* it really is. Jackie and Greg must have enjoyed their time with me, too because I was asked to take their daughter’s 1st birthday photos and to take fall photos in 2014 for them as well. I’ll showcase their other sessions in future #TBT posts! You don’t want to miss them.

Andplusalso, I get to do a fun mini session for Maddie’s 2nd birthday ❤ (psst see her post HERE )

Our most recent fall family session was so full of awesome. We shot at a covered bridge, nearly killed ourselves on these giant nut-things all over the ground, and laughed till we cried when Maddie had a little diaper accident… all over Greg.  I went a little crazy photo overloading, but I could not just pick four or five to share.

Things started off great!
Things started off great!

Maddie loves her cousins and her momma!

Ah, hey there, Greg what’s going on?…. Oh yea, yep. That’s pee :*)

A quick clean up though and we were on our way. Side note, trying to hold a camera steady while you’re laughing so hard you have tears streaming down your face is NOT EASY.

Alls well that ends well!
Alls well that ends well!

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fall mini catch-up

Leanne and the boys = best time ever. I’ve photographed Leanne, Dan and their kids a couple times now and each time it’s been a freaking riot. And so full of awesome professionalism….

wendy + leanne = ❤ haha


This year, my fall mini location was ripped out (literally) after the first week of sessions but I knew I wanted to take Leanne down to a new place for a change of scenery. I know I talk about how much I love getting to hang with my clients (friends?) but for serious. People like Leanne and Dan make it so easy. For instance, I was walking everyone back through the woods, off the beaten path. There were a couple other people a few yards ahead of us and Dan says loudly to me, “Hey Wendy, what are the ropes and tape in your bag for?” Such a charmer! :*)

Look how precious those boys are! Man… love it. Also, sure could go for some sweater-weather… wearing 14 layers is old already. How many days until next fall?




The R family {Sagamore Hills fall photos}

When Catie asked me if I had any space this fall for her family, I was left a little speechless. You see, her family lives quite a ways away from me. In fact, they live almost four HOURS from me. She wanted to bring her family up to me. To say I was touched and flattered would be a massive understatement. I’ve met Catie before and she is one of the kindest people. One of the first things she said to me was, “How’s Zoe?” Zoe is my 11 year old Shiba Inu who has been blind from glaucoma since she was three. And that’s something Catie remembered, because she’s amazing and thoughtful.

I hadn’t met Rocco or their three daughters before but they are just as exquisite as Catie. Rocco looks like Mark Ruffalo, doesn’t he?

It was really cold for our session but there wasn’t a single complaint. The girls were total pros. There were lots of smiles and hugs and cuddles. There was even a little Rosie dog cameo!


Thank you so much, Catie for bringing your family to me and trusting me with your girls (and little Rosie). It was an absolute pleasure spending time with your family!

Fall Family Minis the E family {Sagamore Hills family photos}

Oh, beautiful Jenn…JE-3wm
Jen came to me as a referral from a dear client and friend of mine and I am so stinking happy she did! She and her two littles showed up ready to rock it out even though it was *fricken freezing*. I think it was something like 39o that morning! In my opinion, her kids have the coolest names ever, her daughter’s name is one of my most fav and was one I considered for one of my girls! Oh Amelia, you’re so sweet.







She offered to hold Edison (Eddie) and it was so so adorable. She held him for a good few minutes, even boosting him up on her hip like a seasoned mommy when he slipped down








Mr Bright Eyes himself. There is nothing cuter than a baby in a hat. And, a coordinating hat, at that.


These fall mini sessions fly by- I think we were done with Jenn’s session in about 25 minutes! Now, don’t be fooled, a short session doesn’t mean you get shorted on files to choose from or shorted on service. I provide 50+ files in every client gallery- and you get to choose which photos you’d like burned to your disk which comes with a print release! Short time, never short on value.

Fall family mini session {Twinsburg family photos}

I had the great pleasure of taking fall photos for Jenny and Chris! My fall family sessions were not without drama right from the start (I’ll blog about that later) but my clients are all so awesome they just rolled with it. I worked with Jenny and her family earlier this summer. She told me they had NEVER had family photos taken!  Lucky for me, they liked me (they really liked me, heh) and booked a fall session as soon as my fall mini session sale was open. ::if you want to be in the know about sales, head over to Facebook, LIKE and FOLLOW wendy b photos::

Working with little Wally and Greydon is always fun– little boys, what can I say, you know? We built a little leaf pile and G jumped and threw leaves and had a blast.JCRFall-37wm

Wally… not so much. Absolutely hated the leaves so we dusted him off and put him on a soft blanket and life was good again.JCRFall-29wmWe were getting ready to pack up and head out. The sun was getting low and then it was magic. The Golden Hour you hear about… if you hang around photogs or read our blogs!  That incredible part of the day where the sun is just above the horizon line and everything is warm. I turned around and said, “WAIT please! I need to take your photos, it’s not even a ‘want to’ situation; I MUST photograph you more!” and….

JCRFall-1wmHello, sun rays wrapping right around this family. Hello gorgeous sun flare spot making a tiny little rainbow, hello perfect light hitting Jenny’s hair… If it wouldn’t have been totally unprofessional, I would have wept with joy right there. How gorgeous are they? Total perfection.

Thank you x 100000 Jenny and Chris, for trusting me (twice!) with your precious family ❤