My feelings about #3 …

So, over on Wendy B Photos I shared an article by the amazingly talented Amy Tripple Photography. It’s a list of things photographers want their beloved clients to understand. It’s one of the few times that I thought YES YES YES. I wish I knew how to say this! But then I don’t have to say it, because Amy did it so well. I wanted to talk about #3 on the list.

It hurts my feelings when you joke about my pricing.

  • When you imply that my prices are getting too high, it feels like you’re saying that my work isn’t worth what you’re paying. I’m quite sensitive about my pricing and it feels incredibly vulnerable to have to put a price on my passion and art. There are so many parts of running a business that I can’t expect you to know about: taxes, a studio, equipment, website fees, a salaried studio manager… these are just a few of the things I’m desperate to tell you about when you make a joke that “this hour had better be amazing because we sure are paying for it…” I can’t, of course, so I try to remember that you probably don’t understand all the costs involved in running a small business and continue on with your session.”

While the above doesn’t happen to me during sessions, it stings when someone inquires about a future shoot and straight away asks, “What do you charge?” or they make comments like “when is your next sale?”; it makes me think that the person doesn’t put any value into the work; they’re only looking for someone who is “cheap” even if that’s not the case at all. I know cost is one of the most important things that potential clients consider, but it should never be the #1 most important. How much do you value your photos? I’m neither the most expensive nor the cheapest person working the block so to speak and I do the best I can to work with families for whom budget is the #1 deal breaker. ** if you are worried that you cannot afford my pricing, TELL ME. If you book out far enough in advance, I can gladly take small payments over time so that you can be paid up in time for your session**

I do *everything* I can to provide professional, affordable portraits be they family, maternity, newborns, etc. I do NOT believe that professional and personal photography should be a luxury only the wealthy can afford. There are a lot of people who could never afford to spend $400, $500, $1000 on photos. Does that make them less deserving? I don’t think so.

Does that mean that other photographers need to lower their pricing? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Each one of us sets our pricing in line to where it should to be for our specific needs. None of us will have the same pricing structure, even if we’re located in the same zip code. What works for one of us will likely NOT work for another.

I am priced as low as I can be, while still being able to cover my costs of doing business and as any other small business owner can attest, it’s not cheap doing business. There are times when I need to increase my price, or my product pricing but I have done and will continue to do everything I can to make professional photos available to as many people as possible.

I can’t thank my clients enough for being understanding of the ways in which I operate my business ❤ ❤

Austin {Brecksville Senior Photography}

Austin-collage-1wmAustin, oh Austin. My friends and loving, loyal clients Jackie and Greg mentioned to me that there was a very unique senior on Greg’s wrestling team for whom they wanted to do something special. He hadn’t had the royal treatment; hadn’t gotten personal senior photos. Greg asked if I could shoot for Austin and without hesitation I said heck yea, man! We got it set up and our little adventure began.


We met at Brecksville High School with intentions of photographing this track runner in his element, only to find that the keys we had to the track were wrong. And there was a 10 foot fence I was not about to climb over #nothankyou. We shot around the outside of the athletic building before heading over to a nearby park where I feel like Austin went full-on GQ. He was a total natural in front of the lens. I shared one of his photos in a photography group I belong to and it got over *1000* likes and had 130+ comments. You can guess why 😉



Austin will be running track at Mount Union in the fall and will be studying business management. He has been active in wrestling, track and field and in VOFT, and being awesome at pretty much every thing.

Austin, it was my absolute pleasure meeting and working with you. You are an incredible young man who has already shouldered more in your eighteen years than any one person should ever have to in a lifetime. Keep doing great things; I have no doubt you will.

Jacob’s Senior session {Solon High School Seniors}

Jacob’s mom Deb is the amazingly talented owner of Sensational Cakes… and More which is an incredibly bakery in Solon, OH. Deb made my daughter’s 5th birthday cakes! When she asked if I could take her son Jacob’s senior photos, I knew in .02 seconds that I would find the time to get him in. The family is hosting an AFS student from Argentina, so Deb asked if I could get a shot of him and Jacob’s brother as well. No prob 🙂
We met at the park and got right to it! Photographing teenaged boys can go any number of ways- many times guys are shy and uncomfortable in front of the camera. Not Jacob. Jacob was a pleasure to work with.  While I was shooting, he told me that he is a member of NFTY- the National Federation of Temple Youth and that he is the Religious and Cultural Vice President of his temple youth group. He plans on studying computer sciences and being an IT professional (when you graduate Jacob, give my husband a call!) He plays trumpet in the Solon High School band, and also plays guitar and sings. He told me about a time at band camp when he and friends were playing a game and he plowed right over and into a garbage bin :*) He asked me to take a couple shots of him near the bins, because the kid is hilarious. There’s more to the story if you know Jacob, ask him to tell it to you. Smart, talented and totally well rounded.
See for yourself:

I couldn’t have asked for a more cooperative, more charming young man. Jacob, you’re a great guy and I hope you get everything you ask for! Let me know if you get to be a Spartan!

Beautiful Jess {Brecksville senior photos}

Jess and her mom Amy came to me on a chilly October day for Jess’s senior photos! I had been emailing with Amy and was looking forward to our session and working with Jess couldn’t have been easier. She is a student athlete playing softball and cheerleading (recently won a cheer competition in Avon, wooo!) and would like to go on to study pediatric nursing after graduation. She has a perfect smile, perfect attitude, and was a dream to work with. Here are just a few of my favorites from our session. Jess-SR-collagewm

Jess is the perfect example how to work your senior session (could I say “perfect” one more time? ha). Her make up was spot on-light and natural looking but also bold and accentuating her gorgeous eyes. Her outfits were casual and fun, very much reflective of her personality. She wore layers so that outfit changes were quick and seamless. She was relaxed and went with the flow of our session! She truly was a wonderful model and I have high hopes that she gets accepted to her first-choice college!