A Valentine’s Mini to share

Oh, Valentine’s Day. Some people love you. Some hate you. I generally find myself in the latter group 😛 I’m a happily married lady, but Valentine’s Day has never been one of my favorites. However, now that I have two little girls who really enjoy passing out Valentine’s and celebrating with their friends, I might be coming around.

Of course, boys as adorable as this help, too. Multiples have a special place in my heart and these three were no exception. JKMini-collage-wm

Brothers ::puffy hearts::  These boys each were sweet and funny in their own ways. We took this at my home-studio space (slash guest room, working with what we have!) we got a couple shots off and took some breaks. We talked about where my basement was (“Under the house!”) and took peeks the playground out back (theirs is bigger, haha) and watched a few minutes of Jack’s Big Music Show to help us settle in again. Our mini was one of a kind, just like J, B, and Z.

Thank you, Jamie for coming out! It was a pleasure meeting you and your special crew ❤

Getting crafty

I knew what I wanted for my little Valentine’s Mini sessions and I set off to Etsy to find it. Aaaaand then I was slapped in the face with price tags of $50+. I’m a budget photographer- not only in that I keep my prices affordable but also I have to watch my bottom line! I decided to give crafting my own heart garlands. I *totally* understand why the Etsy ones are expensive because HOLY CRAP were these time consuming and as any small business owner knows, time is money. So, I spent a few days (seriously) cutting out a little over 100 card stock paper hearts of various sizes and colors. Then, ugh. Sewing. I have a sewing machine because I forgot how much I suck at sewing :/ Shockingly, sewing paper is waaaaaaaay easier than sewing fabric.

Here’s a little peek into how I spent my time 😀


(yes, that would be my darling husband’s hand threading the machine for me)

Valentine’s Mini Sessions!

What: Valentine’s Mini Sessions, $85 for three high resolution files

Who: children, no more than three at a time due to space limitations.

Where: my home studio space, Sagamore Hills, OH

When: Jan 18th and Jan 24th.  Additional weekday times can be made available; please email wendy@wboycephotos.com for more info and to schedule your session.

heart backdrop

I will be taking a limited number of Valentine’s mini sessions in my small home studio  in Sagamore Hills 🙂 I’m making a heart backdrop similar to the above ^^ so keep that in mind when you think about what to dress your little one in!

The shoots will be 20 minutes in length, and will include 3 high res files- which I can (in most cases) email to you along with a print release for the files; no waiting for a disk! If you’d like more than 3 files, you can purchase them for a sale price of $3 each. These mini sessions will be an all time low *$85*; this is the ONLY time my minis will be THIS low! Spaces are incredibly limited, so grab yours up QUICK. Email wendy@wboycephotos.com for more info and to schedule your session

*small print: sessions must be paid in full at time of booking. no sessions will be held without payment. payment is nonrefundable and nontransferable. mini session may not be used for newborn photography or other specialized sessions. no referral credits may be applied.